Everyday Battlers

Activity in numbers battlers from 6.528 applicants 0 hours of training between kick off and their 10 km race 0 kcal (273 kg fat or 911 pizzas) burned 0 Mio people reached so far in over 300* print articles across markets 0 Mio video impressions on SoMe already and counting (14% completion rate average) 0 […]

Prepared to Perform

Campaign in figures iconic Ambassadors across 5 key European markets 0 European & local activations 0 European events 0 Produced SoMe/digital content 0 After 5 years of their award winning & KPI smashing Chase Your Dream Olympic campaign, in the build-up to Paris 2024 and with a sizeable shift in business direction, Bridgestone trusted Golazo […]