Euro 2020

Campaign, Activation


Carrefour is one of the official partners of the RBFA, the Red Devils and the Red Flames. In the run-up to a major tournament, Carrefour is triggering this partnership with a savings and loyalty campaign in all of its 800 outlets.

Sportizon won the pitch to elaborate a new concept for this campaign. It accomplished this with a very innovative concept, developed in collaboration with Cartamundi.

We are facing an important moment in Belgian football history. The red fever is rising. And at Carrefour you can save during the 10 weeks leading up to the European Championships for the one and only exclusive Red Devils card games. The games are the most popular games on the market, with a good mix for both children and adults, exclusively for this promotion in Red Devils and Red Flames versions.

Football and games share the same values, i.e. playing, encouraging each other, winning and losing … all together. Both are about sharing magic moments with each other. This is why Sportizon and Carrefour found this to be the perfect match. In addition, thanks to the educational aspect of card games, certain values of Carrefour’s “Act For Food” strategy can also be incorporated.

Carrefour customers receive three cards with each purchase. Two of the three cards are part of well-known card games. This means you collect two unique card games. The third card entitles you to receive a complete card game from the promotion or a unique Red Devils prize.

Bringing people, friends and families together around sports and games during the 2020 European Championships, that’s what Carrefour, Sportizon and Cartamundi will be doing.


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