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As the sports drink for all local sports heroes, AA Drink not only wants to boost sports performance, but also the clubhouse that is closest to their heart. A clubhouse is important. It’s the place where local athletes meet each other, take their first steps in sports and enjoy themselves in a healthy setting. A place where friendships develop. Where victory or defeat is often a side issue. Where sporting moments and heroic achievements live on at the café or bar.

Due to Covid-19 all our local sport heroes saw their favorite gyms, sports clubs and cafeterias close their doors. To support all the sports clubs in Belgium & The Netherlands AA Drink launched the “Boost your Sports Club campaign”.

The idea was simple (just like all good ideas)
This campaign allows members to nominate their clubhouse via a website. Just look for your clubhouse or add your clubhouse to the list.

Once registered, each clubhouse received 10 free trays of AA Drink which could be sold by the owner of the clubhouse. No costs for the owner, and a 100% profit for the clubhouse if all the drinks are sold. Now that’s what we call a good deal!

But that’s not all: the 50 clubhouses with the most nominations also win an extra set of AA Drink prizes.

This way AA Drink gives all clubhouses in the Netherlands and Belgium a financial boost in these hard times. Why? Because just like you, AA Drink cares for your clubhouse.


Friendship, togetherness & having fun

To promote this campaign we created a film for social media that shows what clubhouses stand for: friendship, togetherness and having fun while being active.

Posters and POS-material were also added to the media mix.

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