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Progress is in Audi’s DNA. Not just in the cars, but in everything Audi does. Together Audi makes progress, based on a great inner drive and the ambition to always do better. We find this same ambition in our Belgian field hockey teams, the Red Lions and Red Panthers, of which Audi is a loyal partner.

Progress is the key word in this three-part campaign.



The drive to constantly improve is inseparable from Audi. But how does this resonate with our national field hockey teams, what role does innovation play in raising the bar ever higher, and how do you book and measure progress within a sports team? We asked Arthur De Sloover (defenseman Red Lions), Barbara Nelen (midfielder Red Panthers) and Raoul Ehren (head coach Red Panthers). Their vision was captured in a series of four videos.

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In the Audi booth (a 100m² stand) during the ION Hockey Finals and the FIH Pro League, field hockey fans could compete with Red Lions and Red Panthers by doing some essential fitness and field hockey exercises. After participating, everyone received digital tips and tricks from physical trainers and from the Red Lions and Red Panthers themselves to get even better at these exercises and become an even better field hockey player or player?


Everyone who participates in the Audi activation during the ION Hockey Finals and the FIH Pro League will have the chance to win a unique Golden Ticket to the Audi Hockey Bootcamp. This is an inspiring day of workshops packed with tips and tricks from some of the Red Lions and Red Panthers to become a better field hockey player.

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