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Runners from 13 countries
Km journey from Mount Helicon to Mount Olympus

On Global Running Day (June 5th 2024), partners from around the globe, led by the Nike Running Team, celebrated the launch of Pegasus 41 on International Running Day. Golazo Brands organized an unforgettable challenge: we inspired the international running community. 41 runners from 13 countries embarked on a 272.4km journey from Mount Helicon to Mount Olympus in the run of a lifetime: the Pegasus Relay.


The Challenge

Running from Mt. Helicon to Mt. Olympus required meticulous planning, unwavering support, and exceptional endurance. The runners began at midnight, aiming to reach the foot of Mt. Olympus by 22:30.

They embarked on a journey from Mt. Helicon to Mt. Olympus, covering 274 kilometers in under 24 hours with the highest point at 777 meter above the sea, Total incline 2927m, Total decline 2846m, and the Steepest elevation at 11,3%.


Golazo Brands played a crucial role in the event’s success. Their responsibilities included:

  • Logistics Management: Planning the route and strategically placing checkpoints for optimal support and safety.
  • Support Coordination: Plan and coordinate support teams to provide hydration, nutrition, medical aid, and motivation along the entire route.
  • Communication: Establishing a network to relay updates and information seamlessly.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Complete contingency plans and emergency response protocols for any issues that might arise during the relay.


Golazo Brands fully took charge of the organization of the running part of the relay. They advised Nike and associated agencies on the format, provided support at all levels leading up to the relay, and during the event, their expertise was on the field to guide all runners and the supporting agencies, making the challenge perfect for the runners.


The runners embarked from Mt. Helicon at midnight, driven by a shared goal and camaraderie. They faced challenges such as fatigue, varying terrain, and weather conditions. However, with Golazo Brands’ support, they persevered. (Each checkpoint showcased Golazo Brands’ dedication and thorough preparation, providing essential supplies and encouragement to maintain pace and morale.)


The group arrived at the foot of Mt. Olympus by 22:30, successfully completing their 24-hour challenge. This achievement celebrated physical endurance and demonstrated the power of teamwork and meticulous planning.


The event’s success underscores the importance of collaboration and preparation. Golazo Brands’ role was instrumental in supporting all 41 runners. This event set the tone for an epic summer, filled with energy, determination, and the power of working together towards a common goal. We are beyond proud of the Golazo Brands team and will continue striving for future achievements planned for Nike.

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