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Soccer is a sport of and for different people, unique individuals. Without them, soccer would not be as it is experienced today. The uniqueness of each fan, volunteer, player or referee makes soccer stronger. #FootbALL.


Ahead of the UEFA Champions League Final, UEFA launched its latest soccer social campaign. With the #FootbALL campaign, UEFA wants people to come to an understanding that no matter how different we are, we are all welcome in soccer. In the video, viewers are confronted with their own prejudices. After all, you don’t expect the main characters to be in an active role in the world of soccer so soon. Soon they find out that they are all part of the big family called soccer.

The #FootbALL campaign puts a positive focus on everyone’s unique contribution to the game and shows how soccer welcomes everyone to participate in soccer in their own way.”

We are proud to have once again developed the soccer social campaign with UEFA. It is a campaign close to our agency's belief; 'Sport matters'. After all, soccer has the ability to bring the whole world together. To unite everyone. Both inside and outside the lines. Regardless of identity or background. The #FootbALL campaign shows this in a beautiful way

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