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We’re allowed again… the football leagues are back on! Everyone is ready for it. From trainers to clothes washers and from flaggers to line pullers. And from this season onwards, the Team Fruit providors too! Albert Heijn and the KNVB are joining forces with their new campaign ‘Teamfruit’, in which both parties are committed to a sustainable behavioural change among the youngest sportsmen and sportswomen and to a healthy lifestyle and a responsible sports environment.


Children eat too little fruit.

To recover properly and get stronger, the healthy carbohydrates of fruit are very important for every child. Eating fruit during or after sports is therefore recommended by various organizations such as the Nutrition Center and the KNVB. Nevertheless, less than half (44.4%) of children under 12 eat enough fruit every day. Among high school students, that percentage is even lower: only 31.2% of them eat fruit daily.

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What is Teamfruit?

Starting this new soccer season, youth teams across the Netherlands will have the opportunity to apply for a ‘Teamfruit bin’ via As part of its partnership with the KNVB, Albert Heijn will provide 100 teams weekly with a well-filled fruit tray for their matches during the upcoming soccer season. But that’s not all. Albert Heijn will also travel the country each week with its own “Teamfruit promo team,” visiting soccer clubs to emphasize the importance of fruit consumption.

We want to use the connecting power of soccer to bring about positive change among children. Therefore, together with the KNVB, we focus on the youth soccer players of the Netherlands and encourage them to eat a nice piece of fruit at halftime or after the game. Something that fits with Albert Heijn's mission: together making better food accessible, for everyone.

On and around the football field

The impact of Teamfruit will be felt on and around the soccer pitch, but also beyond. The campaign will not only be visible during soccer matches, but also on, via the app, around Orange matches on TV through a tag-on and billboarding, on socials with various content items and win actions and you will also notice Teamfruit at media partners such as Voetbal International, Show your Skills and various soccer podcasts.

Making conscious choices.

We hope that many youth players along the fields and in the locker rooms enjoy the healthy snack. Thanks to the efforts of Albert Heijn and the KNVB, we can inspire a generation of youth soccer players to make conscious and healthy choices.

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