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The Netherlands’ best-known sports drink – AA Drink – has an extensive arsenal of functional sports drinks. With the orange “High Energy” variant and the Iso-Lemon as its best-known variants, the original Dutch brand is available in many sports canteens and retail formats. But in a changing consumer world, AA Drink wanted to let its target audience know that they are more than just a performance-enhancing sports drink.


Sports don't always come naturally.

Golazo Brands Netherlands, together with Golazo Brands Belgium, is responsible for the renewed positioning of AA Drink. For the Dutch market, this positioning was translated into a new ATL campaign “Ready for more!”.
The local sports hero is central to the Ready for more campaign. Because sports is fun and healthy, but it doesn’t always come naturally. Four local sports heroes were the face of the campaign; a runner, cyclist, crossfitter and padel player, who challenge themselves and yet cross that threshold. A personal victory and boost to move on for the next challenge.

sports media approach.

A TV commercial was shown around all major sporting events, including the Tour de France, WEURO 2022 and European qualifying matches of PSV, AZ and Feyenoord. Through a targeted (digital) out of home strategy around popular sports locations in- and outdoors, key visuals with encouragement could be seen. And online, targeted at the sports target group through various platforms and sports apps.

AA Drink supports the athlete before, during and after activity. For every effort there is an AA Drink variant that perfectly suits the athlete's needs.

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