#demooiste van allemaal

April 26, 2024

The Netherlands

A look back at a sun-drenched marathon weekend, where we were responsible for exposure, communication and brand activation on behalf of Nationale-Nederlanden.

From the NN Pacing Team to billboards at the live NOS broadcast. And from the 12,900 (!) videos submitted for the NN Running Supporter to the NN Kids Run.

NN Kids Run

Under a radiant spring sun, the Coolsingel was the stage for the youngest runners on Saturday. A record number of 112 children appeared at the start of the NN Kids Run, thanks to the cooperation with Jeugdeducatiefonds. Not only did they get a warm-up from NN Running Team ambassador Michel Butter, we also made sure that a new pair of running shoes was ready for these children.

The last of Lee

On Sunday, shortly before the start, we surprised Lee Towers and later the Mayor of Rotterdam, Ahmed Aboutaleb, with a personal memento. Both gentlemen attended the NN Marathon Rotterdam for the last time in office this year.

NN Running Supporter

Later that day, under loud cheers from thousands of supporters, NN Running Team athlete Abdi Nageeye set the best time in 2:04.45. A new Dutch record, amazing! Among the women, first place went to Bashete Bekere (2.19.30). At the 34 kilometer point, the toughest part of the marathon, the NN Hardloopsupporter also proved its worth again. And here too records fell: never before had so many personal encouragement videos been sent in: 12,900! And if all this support was not enough, last weekend 50 pacers joined in to help runners achieve their target time and 32 runners gave their visually impaired running buddy an unforgettable day.

So Nationale-Nederlanden more than lived up to their promise ‘Our support is yours’ during NN Marathon Rotterdam.

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