KNWU presents new jersey

February 1, 2024

The Netherlands

On January 9, KNWU and AGU presented a new orange jersey for all TeamNL selections. The selections will start in the year of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in an outfit in which orange is the prominent color, with the tulip and the Dutch tricolor present on the shirt.

The design came about from a collaboration between KNWU, clothing partner AGU and main sponsor Nederlandse Loterij. In the introduction video, we see the road Harrie Lavreysen, Puck Pieterse, Judy Baauw and Mitch Valize have traveled to shine in Orange. The orange shirt is the unifying factor and reflects the togetherness and pride of cycling. Together they will “Flame in Orange. The Dutch track cyclists had the scoop at the European Championships in Apeldoorn that started Wednesday, Jan. 10.

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