June 6, 2024

The Netherlands

Two clients of Golazo Brands were awarded a SponsorRing Wednesday evening during the SponsorRingen awards show in AFAS Live. Philips won a golden SponsorRing in the Sports category with the ‘For Life’ case. Philips also won a gold SponsorRing in the Society category with its ‘Bloedverwanten’ campaign. DHL captured a silver SponsorRing in the Sports category with the ‘#SameDream’ case. The SponsorRing is the annual award for the best sponsorship cases.

About 'Voor het leven'

In honor of PSV’s 110th anniversary, Golazo Brands worked with Philips and PSV to develop a stunning 360-degree campaign centered on an official world record. The sponsorship was awarded the title “Longest time to sponsor a sports team” by Guinness World Records, the iconic Philips letters returned for once on the chest of the PSV shirt, Philips employees were surprised by the PSV squad at the factory, and an official plaque of the record was immortalized in the Philips Stadium. Moreover, it was announced by Club icon Frits Philips. And that made the Philips family, supporters and Philips more than proud.

About 'Bloedverwanten'

Met de ‘Bloedverwanten’-campagne sloegen Philips, Sanquin en PSV de handen ineen: samen zochten zij 1.913 nieuwe bloeddonors. Met name in een doelgroep die vaak lastig te bereiken, maar uiterst relevant is. De campagne, die ontwikkeld werd door Golazo Brands, bleek een vliegwiel voor de aanwas van veel nieuwe donors. Met een spraakmakende 360 aanpak, waarbij slim gebruik is gemaakt van het bereik en de impact van PSV, werd een prestatie van formaat geleverd. In zes maanden tijd werden 4.462 nieuwe bloeddonors geworven. Kortom: een campagne met voetbaloverstijgende impact, die bijdraagt aan de gezondheid van inwoners van ons land.

About #SameDream

#SameDream is a unique partnership between DHL, four sports associations and their national women’s teams in handball, field hockey, soccer and (beach) volleyball. A partnership that DHL fully activates and in which forces are bundled to get appreciation and visibility for women and sports higher on the social agenda. #SameDream also demonstrably contributes to DHL’s commercial and marketing objectives. Golazo Brands initiated and activated the collaboration.

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