Robin Koster joins Triple Double board of directors

April 20, 2024

The Netherlands

Robin Koster joins the board of directors of Triple Double with immediate effect. Together with managing director Michel van Troost and board members Guido Klomp and Hanneke Jaanen, he will be in charge of the sports marketing agency.

“Robin made his entrance at Triple Double in 2014 and developed into a major force over the years. For example, he played a major role in award-winning campaigns and activations for clients such as Albert Heijn, Nationale-Nederlanden and Opel, as a culture guard he takes care of new colleagues and is an important link in the daily management of the team. So now a new chapter is added to his stay at Triple Double.
Robin also expresses delight in his management role. “I have always felt confident at Triple Double and have been given the space to develop myself. This new role is a nice next step and crowning of (almost) 10 years at the club. I look forward to continuing to create distinctive and (award) winning work for and with our clients with a great team.””

With his experience and analytical view, Robin is not only important as a sports marketer, but also plays an essential role in the further development of the team and agency. We are happy to commit him to us in this role for a longer period of time.

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