Triple Double becomes Golazo Brands

May 1, 2024

The Netherlands

Eindhoven-based sports marketing agency Triple Double will from now on continue under the name Golazo Brands. Triple Double has been part of the Golazo Group since 2017. A group of companies operating nationally and internationally on the cutting edge of sports marketing, partnerships, events and well-being.

To intensify the mutual cooperation more and thus firmly carry out mission ‘making everyone healthier and happier with sport’, all companies will continue under the Golazo name. This means that Triple Double will continue under the name Golazo Brands.

Golazo Brands
The team in Eindhoven continues to work on major (inter)national marketing campaigns in sport for UEFA, Albert Heijn, Nationale-Nederlanden, Energiedirect and DHL, among others. The agency has been winning various professional awards for years. Last year, for instance, we were honoured with a golden European Effie. Besides the Eindhoven office, Golazo Brands also has an office in Belgium. There, Golazo works for AA Drink, Coca-Cola, Audi, Deloitte, Nike and the Belgian Football Federation, among others.

Golazo in the Netherlands
The Golazo Group in the Netherlands consists of several companies, each with its own expertise and label. Among others, Golazo Events organises the NN Marathon Rotterdam and the ASML Marathon in Eindhoven. Publisher Arko Sports Media continues as Golazo Media.

About the Golazo Group
The Golazo Group is an international group of companies active in sport, exercise, health and well-being. With seventeen offices worldwide, more than 1,000 sports events a year and more than 5 million active participants and app users, the Golazo Group is a major player in all facets of sport. Read more at

“With this new approach and new branding, we can emphasise our mission even more strongly,” says Bob Verbeeck, CEO of Golazo Group. “For years, Golazo has been striving to make everyone healthier and happier. That social well-being is our goal across all companies and divisions. It was time to make that clearer to the outside world as well. We can rightly be proud of what we are achieving as Golazo and both in our approach to individual athletes and supporters and to companies and governments, we want to put Golazo more forward as a quality brand.”

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