360° campaign activation

Everyday Battlers

Activation, Digital


Activity in numbers

battlers from 6.528 applicants
hours of training between kick off and their 10 km race
kcal (273 kg fat or 911 pizzas) burned
Mio people reached so far in over 300* print articles across markets
Mio video impressions on SoMe already and counting (14% completion rate average)
people reached in our onsite activations at the 10 km races
positive comments on social media
0 %

In order to increase attribution to Bridgestone‘s IOC partnership as well as brand affinity and purchase intent through strong emotional experiences and content, we developed and executed a unique 360° consumer led campaign activation for them.​


Through our dream research, it was clear that there were many 'Everyday Battlers' across Europe who have a dream but are struggling to actively chase it. Bridgestone's Everyday Battler program looked at providing solutions and aid to our participants on their journey to chasing their own dream.

We created a multi-event & content activation platform that differentiated our campaign from other partners & created significant cut through. Through the “Everyday Battler Program”, we inspired Bridgestone’s audience and made their Olympic ’Chase Your Dream, No Matter What’ campaign tangible.​

How did we do this? We teamed up 49 consumers across 5 countries with our Olympic Games experts, ambassadors & coaches and took them on a life changing journey, supporting them individually and as a group with mental and physical coaching all the way to the Bridgestone sponsored 10k final race (their first!). ​

At various checkpoints, we created unique and inspirational content that was amplified through various media and influencer partnerships across key outlets in Europe.

In the end, we not only changed their lives and exceeded our targets, but also inspired a wider audience to chase their dreams, no matter what.


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