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Prepared to Perform



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After 5 years of their award winning & KPI smashing Chase Your Dream Olympic campaign, in the build-up to Paris 2024 and with a sizeable shift in business direction, Bridgestone trusted Golazo to develop, create and implement a new Olympic and Paralympic campaign and activation strategy that would focus on their leadership in Mobility Solutions and take the momentum created for their first campaign to new heights.

In development of the creative concept we looked at common values of Olympic Games athletes, Bridgestone and the consumers and found that all wanted to feel in control of their next step, in their progress and their success, not leaving anything to luck. 

This inspired Bridgestone’s campaign “Prepared to Perform” that plays with the meaning of “Luck” and the misappropriation of the term in the world of elite performance. Alongside the creation of the new campaign, Golazo secured for Bridgestone 14 pan-European ambassadors that embodied the new campaign that helped us bring to life the campaign in showing how Olympians and Paralympians mitigate as much risk as possible with rigorous training and mental preparation, and when they succeed, it has nothing to do with luck. Just like Bridgestone’s products and innovative solutions, their meticulous preparation means they are certain and confident they will deliver in the moments that matter most.


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Launching the campaign across 5 key European markets: France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy and Spain, we’ve built and activated more than 20 local and European events, bringing the Olympic and Paralympic partnership as well as the highly anticipated and upcoming Paris 2024 Games to the customers, partners and employees of Bridgestone bringing further excitement and visibility to Bridgestone’s journey towards being a global leader in mobility solutions.

14 hero films and matching SoMe/digital content were created and distributed on a local and European level, including 4 physical campaign launch events in France, Germany, Spain and the UK.

A communication plan was built and executed around the campaign launch alongside the Olympic & Paralympic ambassador competitions.

As we now move closer to the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, our focus on our campaign work has ramped up further, to now include working hand in hand with Bridgestone and their media partners to secure and feature their ambassadors in new asset creation with both Eurosport (across Europe) and France TV (French market). Also our focus will be shifting to providing various onsite support at a European and local market level with their Torch Relay and Games Time plans.

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